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Mercy Wednesdays

Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog. ...Read More »

It's time.... Mercy the Mexican Psychic

Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog   ...Read More »

Meryc the Mexican Psychic

  Don’t be shy ask about anything! Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog   ...Read More »

Wednesday Edition of Mercy the Mexican Psychic!

Oh! How we love Mercy the Mexican Psychic!! Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or...Read More »

Foam Wonderland Pictures!

Hey guys!!! Just a heads up if you were at Foam Wonderland this weekend and you stopped by our photo booth, pictures are ready!!! Check out the album on our Facebook : Don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends!!! We had a blast!! Thanks for hanging out!! LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog.   LL   ...Read More »

Hump Day and Mercy the Mexican Psychic!

It’s that time again… Mercy is in the studio and is ready to hear what everyone has been up to. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

Mercy is in the studio and ready to answer your questions: Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog.   LL   ...Read More »

In the studio; Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)You know the drill… Got a question? Mercy has the answer; Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog.   LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)It’s time!!! Mercy is in the studio and she’s ready to answer all your questions. Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting on this blog.   LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic; Hump Day edition.

:)It’s that time, Mercy is in the studio ready to answer your questions. I’m sure you’re itching to find out what’s in store for you in 2014. Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Tune in now! Questions can be...Read More »

It's that time; Mercy the Mexican psychic, Tune in now!

:)Have a question that’s been bothering you? Well Mercy just might have the answer for you. Work, school, love, family, life, etc. she can answer it all. Just make sure you have the horoscopes of those involved ready. Don’t be shy ask about anything! Tune in now! Questions can be submitted several ways: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email: Or by commenting...Read More »

Mercy Wednesdays!!

It’s that time, Mercy is in the studio ready to answer your questions. It’s a new year, and I’m sure you’re itching to find out what’s in store for you in 2014. Make sure you have your horoscope and the horoscope of those you will be asking about. Don’t be shy ask about...Read More »

First Mercy the Mexican Psychic of the year!!

:)Mercy is back for the first time in 2014!!! She will have a full recap for the year 2014, and will also be taking some of your calls. She’s live now!! Email: Phone: 915-541-1043 If you’re asking a question have the horoscopes of the parties involved ready! LL ...Read More »

One Direction 1st Online Keyword

Gather all the keywords throughout the day online for your chance to win tickets to One Direction. The keyword will self destruct in 10 min 43 seconds. Good Luck!!! ~LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Wednesdays are for Mercy the Mexican Psychic. We have some questions that rolled over from last week, but if you haven’t already submitted them now is your chance. Don’t be shy, whatever it is she will answer it. Love, work, friendships, or just life she’s got it! If you’re calling in the number is...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)The year is coming quickly to an end, don’t let your questions go unanswered. Have your questions and horoscopes ready for Mercy. On the Hitlines : 915-541-1043 On the web: LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Guys you know what time it is!! Have your questions and horoscopes ready. You can reach Mercy through our Hitlines, and email. 915-541-1043 We will try our best to get everything answered.   LL ...Read More »

Halloween Edition: Mercy the Mexican Psychic

Tomorrow is Halloween and Mercy the Mexican Psychic will set the mood! Confused about what’s been going on in your life at work, with love, or just in general. Mercy can put it all to rest. Get your questions in through email, or through the Hitlines: (915)541-1043 Make sure you include the horoscope signs...Read More »

Halloween Safety Tips!

On the day before Halloween, the excitement is at it’s peak for one of the biggest holidays in America. Halloween is all about letting ones imagination run wild and allowing us to be whatever we want to be for that one day. Super heroes (Check) Villains (Check) Police Officers (Check) Doctors (Check) Cartoon Characters (Check) Etc.. The...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Are you ready for Mercy the Mexican Psychic? Have those questions and horoscopes ready, is work not going the way you wish it was? Love has you stumped, well Mercy can help with all of that. Tune in NOW, she’s LIVE. Questions can be submitted via: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email:   LL ...Read More »

Macklemore Pranks a Ticket Scalper! Must watch!

Beware what you post online, you never know who might be reading your posts. One “unlucky scalper,” receives a call in response to their Craigslist ad from the last person they’d expect. Check out what exactly went down.       Macklemore gets the last laugh on this one… Well played… Macklemore     ...Read More »

Wednesdays with Mercy the Mexican Psychic

Mercy has made her way to the studio, you know the drill; have your questions and horoscopes ready. One listener asks: I’m a 24yr  gemini. I was told by a psychic id be pregnat by the end of this yr. Is it going to b a girl or boy and will I...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic... LIVE

:)Guys Mercy the Mexican Psychic is in the building. Do you have any questions for her? Make sure you have your horoscopes ready: To get your questions in: Phone: 915-541-1043 Email:   Lets have some fun!   LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Wednesdays are all for Mercy. Emails and phone lines have been going off the hook all morning. Some listeners ask: * I am a Pisces and married to a cancer but now a Capricorn has  came to my life and I am so confused. Where am I going????? * This is for my friend she’s a...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic - Wednesday

:)Wednesdays are for Mercy the Mexican Psychic. Phone calls and emails have already started to come in. Here are some of the questions Mercy will be answering: * Hi Mercy. I’m Pisces and my boyfriend is cancer. I want to know if our relationship is going to work. *MERCY.. IM A 27 YR OLD BISEXUAL VIRGO...Read More »

Antonio Escalante in the Studio

Escalante Promotions & Socorro Entertainment Center Presents “Border Wars” Professional Boxing Event on Saturday, September 14TH, Featuring The best fighters of El Paso, Juárez & Las Cruces ·         Abraham Han Vs Bernardo Guereca ·         Sijuola Ade Shabazz Vs Josue Vazquez ·         both undefeated and long time rivals Oscar Valenzuela Vs Carlos Villa Doors open at 2:00pm Bouts begin at 4:00pm. For Information call 313-1944 “Border...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Wednesdays are for Mercy the Mexican Psychic. Emails and phone calls have already started coming in; here are some of our listeners questions: Listener: Hi. Am 33 yrs old female Aquarius and my husband is 32 and his a Libra. Are we going to last longer. And can you tell me if his...Read More »

Rainy Wednesday; Traffic Update

TRAFFIC UPDATE: I-10 West is backed up as far as Lee Trevino at this time. Over night showers causing difficult driving conditions for El Pasoans this morning. Use the Loop, Spur, or Montana as alternate routes. Another traffic/weather update coming up at 8:30 a.m. Picture courtesy of: Texas Department of Transportation.   TRAFFIC...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic... Wednesdays

It’s time for another visit from Mercy the Mexican Psychic Emails have already started to come in: Listener : Mercy please help. I’m a Virgo my boyfriend a Taurus. Lately he’s been distant.  Is there another woman? I’m getting mixed signals from him & would like to know, should I be patient &...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Mercy is back for her weekly readings. Work, life, and love have you saying WTH!!! Need answers, well….. Mercy is here to help, send us your horoscope and questions. Online: Phone: 915-541-1043 Remember Mercy is here every Wednesday from 8:30 am. to 9:30 am.   LL ...Read More »

It's the Best of the Morning Mash

You already know, Saturday Mornings from 6 am to 10 am, we bring you the Best of the Morning Mash. Everything from the week, wrapped into one morning: Weird and Strange News Carmen Calls Sports with Dillon Mercy the Mexican Psychic and all your local and celebrity news.   See you guys on Monday with the rest of the...Read More »

Mercy Wednesdays

:)She’s back!!! Have your horoscopes and questions ready for Mercy. Emails have already started rolling in: My boyfriend a Taurus I’m a Virgo. Been together almost a year. Do u see us moving to the next level or having kids? I appreciate your help thanks so much!    On the phone: 915-541-1043 or email: LL ...Read More »

911 Operator saves the day in more ways than one.

I couldn’t help but share this I thought it was one of the sweetest gestures ever. A bride whose wedding dress had been stolen got the surprise of her life when a 911 dispatcher stepped in — and saved her wedding day. Last Sunday, a Washington-based bride-to-be (her name was withheld for...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

You what Wednesdays bring: Mercy the Mexican Psychic is in the HitFM studios. Questions have started to make their way, what do you want to know? Listener asks: Im a Gemini 40 female, i would like to know if im going to become office manager for the company im working for at the...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Morning guys, As you all know Wednesday are for Mercy! Questions have already started to come in via email, so if you want to get your questions looked at send them over at , look for the Morning Mash page, and send us email there. These listeners have asked: ~Mercy: I’m a Scorpio 30...Read More »

Wednesday fun with Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Mercy is in out studios now!!! If you can’t get through the Hit lines at 915-541-1043 then there’s always .   Have your horoscopes and questions ready! Hope to hear from you guys soon!   LL ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic: Wednesday

As usual emails for Mercy have started rolling in: One listener asks: My husband is a Taurus I am a Libra. Will we have children? Tune in for the answer 8:30 a.m. Online/email: or HitLines: 915-541-1043 ...Read More »

2013 Texas Tattoo Showdown: Pictures

If you were at the Texas Tattoo Showdown over the weekend, and you stopped by our photo booth to take pictures make sure you check out our Facebook photo album. Showdown Album ...Read More »

Social media improving our children's writing skills.

A study released today by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and theNational Writing Project has found that 78 percent of high school teachers agree that digital technologies “encourage student creativity and personal expression.” Occasionally, Jennifer Woollven, an English teacher at West Lake High School in Austin, Texas, finds some Twitter speak —...Read More »

Facebook ruining your relationships?

Over one third of divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “Facebook,” according to a recent report from Divorce Online, a legal services firm. And the overlap between Facebook and relationships doesn’t stop there: ABC News reported in May that children’s Facebook profiles, mined for evidence of poor parenting, are...Read More »

Safest city in the nation, 3 years in a row: El Paso

For the third year in a row, El Paso is listed as the “safest city” in the nation according to a recent survey by CQ press. Officials credit law enforcement and residents working together in making El Paso the city with the “lowest crime rate ranking” of cities more than 500,000 population...Read More »

Dating, & Pregnancy

An recent Associated Press-WE tv poll gives the growing number of single mothers in America a reason to toast (over a soft drink, of course) with statistics indicating that they are still dateable…even those with a baby bump! According to the poll, 23% of single men say they would consider dating...Read More »

Hall Pass anyone?

NBA Masha Lopatova is married to Brooklyn Net’s forward Andrei Kirilenko, and she has allowed him one night a year to cheat. So is the concept of a hall pass more common than we think? Would you allow your significant other to have a night off a year? Or is this type of deal...Read More »

Love affair with mobile devices.

It may be rude, annoying and even dangerous but it seems some people just can’t put down their smartphones. Nearly one third of U.S. adults admitted using their phone in a movie theater or on a dinner date, according to a new Harris Interactive online survey. One in five said they...Read More »

Twinkies make a comback!

Twinkies are back! And they last longer than ever… but not forever. The new Hostess Brands’ Twinkies — the cream-filled yellow-sponge cake that has delighted (and dismayed) Americans for 83 years — will now have an extended shelf life of 45 days when they return to stores on July 15, compared to...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic is in!

Wednesdays mean Mercy is in the studio. Have your questions and horoscopes ready. This listener asks: I am an aguarius and my husband is a libra. will we get pregnant. what can we do differently to conceive? Tune in for the answer. Phone: 915-541-1043 Email:     :)  ...Read More »

"Catch me if you can!"

Be careful what you tweet, a San Diego woman is caught by the FBI after being on the run for insurance fraud. Wanda Podgurski skipped her trial while on bail for insurance fraud in January. Podgurski was captured on the Fourth of July in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, a popular retirement spot for...Read More »

Celebrity Babies: Trends

As much attention is devoted to North West—or Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, or any of the Jolie-Pitt children, for that matter—the celebrity baby industry’s biggest star has yet to be seen. “Without question, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has been the most buzzed topic of the year.” “One thing is for...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash

:)Morning guys We’re back at it this Saturday, we recap anything you might’ve missed during the week on the mash. Carmen Calls Mercy the Mexican Psychic Weird and Strange News Local/Celebrity News We had technical difficulties yesterday, but we got it sorted out, did everyone enjoy the mix? Happy Saturday, 30% chance of showers for this afternoon. See...Read More »

Mercy Wednesday!

:)Mercy the Mexican Psychic is in the studio this morning. Send in your questions, horoscopes, and she’ll get them answered for you. Online: Phone lines: 915-541-1043   Happy Hump Day Pre-4th of July LL ...Read More »

4th of July in El Paso

Happy Birthday America!!!! Yup, it’s 4th of July and the Morning Mash will be off. We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. Plenty to do out in the city:   Western Playland — The Sunland Park amusement park hosts its Fourth of July celebration from 3 to 10 p.m. Thursday, with...Read More »

Social Media and Parenting

:)A new survey by the University of Hertfordshire reveals that 70% of parents now use social networks to communicate with their children. Other findings: - 10% of parents and children no longer have meaningful conversations in person - 30% of parents rely on social media to understand their children - 62% of parents...Read More »

Best of Saturdays!!

:)Good Morning Guys! It’s Saturday and that means its time for the Best of the Morning Mash. What does that mean? Well Lady Lesliee recaps the week and keeps you updated on anything you might’ve missed. Every Saturday from 6 am to 10 am. Local and Celebrity news Sports Carmen Calls Mercy the Mexican Psychic and...Read More »

Getting the Job vs. Social Media

  A new survey by CareerBuilder reveals that 43% of managers have elected not to hire a job candidiate because of something they found on one of their social media profiles. Other findings: - 39% of companies use social networking sites to research job candidates   Things That Make A Job Candidate Unattractive On...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Mercy is in the studio today, and questions have started coming in: Listener Question: I’m A 27 yr old Female & A Virgo and My Question Will I Ever Get Married And Will I Ever Be Rich? You can email your questions at or on our phone lines 914-541-1043. Make sure you have...Read More »

20 things you should never text...

Cellphones are such an integral part of our lives that it’s sometimes hard to know what’s appropriate. Fights: First, if you’re in a fight you likely have more to communicate than 160 characters and a few poorly constructed abbreviations can express. Second, the likelihood your messages will be misinterpreted (by your recipient...Read More »

Popping the question just got... INTERESTING!

Getting engaged is a pretty awesome thing, these people took it an extra step further…. Relationships can be sticky, but one man proved that stickiness can also be quite successful when it comes to popping the question. Brett Beutler, 26, of Littleton, Colo., surprised his now fiancé, Megan Loosli, 24, by...Read More »

Mercy Wednesdays

:)You know what time it is: get your questions and horoscopes in to Mercy now. She’ll answer anything: Work, Love, Life, etc…. on the phone 915-541-1043 online   LL ...Read More »

Why is he with her?

In a society where looks are everything, this loving couple tests the norms and bravely takes on the world to defend their relationship. Meet Gloria and Ali, this is their story:  My boyfriend Ali is 5’10″ with friendly blue eyes, a dimpled smile and a fit, muscular body. He’s someone you’d expect...Read More »

Lil Wayne dancing on the American Flag

:)Lil Wayne upsetting several people while he dances on the American Flag, during a recent video shoot.   What do you think. Tune in now…   LL ...Read More »

The real cost of dating!

Total cost of dating: $16,758.10 Finding “the one” just get real, do you agree with the math? A new survey by reveals that the average person will go on 13 first dates, plan 11 romantic dinners and spend $17,140 to find ‘the one’. Other findings: Cost of Courtship – The Breakdown First dates:...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic

It’s hump day and we have just what you need to get through this mid week hump. Mercy the Mexican psychic is in the studio every Wednesday to answer any questions you may have.   Struggling with significant other? Work not going the way you wanted? Struggling financially? Call us in studio at 915-541-1043 and...Read More »

Playtime always sounds much nicer!

Grow Up A new survey by Nickelodeon reveals that 80% of women are convinced that men will never stop being childish. Other findings: - men don’t mature until they hit 43 while women hit emotional maturity at 32 - biggest male immaturities: breaking wind, burping, eating fast food in the morning and playing...Read More »

Neighbor Alert: What your neighbor is doing!

:)Ever wonder what your neighbor is doing out in the yard? Is your neighbor always conveniently there when you least expect it? Does your neighbor know everyones business?  A new survey by Apollo Blinds reveals that 80% of people admit they spy on their neighbors. Other findings: - July is the month...Read More »

Online Dating: The real breakdown.

Given up on the dating scene in town? Thinking about trying the web next, the following will give you a better understanding of what online dating really means. Internet dating is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people who are looking for love and companionship. Here is what the statistics on...Read More »

It's hump day, and that means Mercy the Mexican Psychic, is in the studio!

As usual Mercy questions have started rolling in. Curious about work, life, love, or money, send in your questions including your horoscope several ways. Hitlines: 915-541-1043 Online/Email:   Tune in at 8:30 am.   LL     ...Read More »

Backseat drivers? Who's the worst?

As if driving wasn’t already tough enough with all those other drivers on the road, you also have to worry about those back seat drivers.  Among the most annoying is “advice” from other passengers, and according to an study, spouses make the worst backseat drivers. The agency polled 500 drivers,...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash, Every Saturday 6-10 am.

:)Happy yearly hump, it’s June 1st, and we’re right smack in the middle of the year. There are 16 days left until Father’s Day. There are 208 days left until Christmas. There are 214 days left until New Year’s Eve 2013. With that said, we are recapping anything you might’ve missed on the Morning...Read More »

Mermaids.. Real or not Real? You decide...

Johnny, and Dj Javi talked mermaids this morning. Here is the link to the video that inspired our morning conversation. Mermaids; New Evidence   LL ...Read More »

Mercy Wednesdays... Have those horoscopes and questions ready.

Our emails and phone lines have already started to go off for Mercy. If you have a question for Mercy, make sure you have your horoscope ready. Hitlines: (915)541-1043 Email/Web:   ...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash, Every Saturday from 6-10 am.

Happy Saturday, it’s Memorial Day weekend hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend. In the mean time don’t forget to tune in to the Best of the Morning Mash for you weekly recap: Mercy Surveys Local/Celebrity news Topics and more… See you guys with the rest of the Mash on Tuesday!   LL ...Read More »

10 Things Every Man Should Know by 21

Every man should know these 10 things by the time they turn 21. Do you guys agree? What do you think men should know by 21? 1. Learn to tie a tie. Even better: learn how to tie a bow tie. Even better than better: learn to fold a pocket square. It takes...Read More »

Finding The Probability Of Love...

Love. It’s something we all want, but when you consider that there are over 300 million people in the country and 7 billion people on the planet, it’s amazing that two people in love would have had the chance to meet, let alone connect.   In 2008, after three years of not...Read More »

Skip the gym next time: Household chores that burn off calories.

Don’t feel bad about missing the gym, these household chores are alternatives to get your workout in. A new study by reveals that Spring cleaning (3,655 calories) burns more calories than running a marathon (between 2,500 and 3,500 calories) Chore Calories Vacuuming (1 hour) 238 calories Dusting (2 hours) 340 calories (170cl per...Read More »

Addicted to your cellphone, things people would give up first, before their cellphone.

:)A recent survey by finds there are many items that people would rather live without for a week than their mobile phones. 1.      Sex – 94% (of people said they’d rather live without this than their mobile phone for a week) 2.      TV/Film – 82% 3.      Car – 71% 4.      My partner – 62% 5.      Bed – 55% 6.      Money – 47% 7.      Basic meals –...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash: Every Saturday from 6-10am.

:)First off CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 Graduates!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! UEP, EPCC, and NMSU. Commencement Saturday in full effect if you have a graduation shout out send them my way. 915-541-1043 and Back to the Best of the Morning Mash: We recap anything you might’ve missed this week on the Mash with Johnny...Read More »

What his Facebook profile says about him.

Log in to Facebook on an Apple iPod touchWhat is really behind a Facebook profile? Ever wonder what that picture he posted meant? What that comment is really saying? Julie Fishman and Meagan McCrary, co-authors of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags tells what these things and more are truly saying. His Profile Photo A picture is worth 1,000...Read More »

Im A Virgo; Question: What do you see for me for the rest of the year as for family and love?

:)Mercy will be in the studio this morning, answering any questions you may have. Have your horoscope, and questions ready. You can get your questions into Mercy at: 915-541-1043, or .   LL ...Read More »

Are you feeling Lucky? New app gives you a 1 in 6 chance of deleting your Facebook account.

If you’ve ever fantasized about quitting Facebook once and for all, but can’t quite pull the trigger, now there’s a solution for you. Social Roulette created with a couple of collaborators, sells itself as a game. You sign in with your Facebook credentials, and it has a one in six chance of deleting your...Read More »

Did you know: Hidden Messages behind some famous brand logos.

Have you ever given extra thought to what a company’s logo is really presenting? Whether you realize it or not, a brand’s logo speaks to its viewer on many levels. A logo can make our break a company; believe it our not. There’s the initial recognizability factor—if a logo is too complex or...Read More »

White Lies Women Tell..... Are you guilty?

White Lies A new survey by reveals that 55% of women lie to their partners to make them like them more. Other findings: - when it comes to how many lovers they have had women divide by three while men multiply by three - 55% of women would be upset if they...Read More »

Good Looking People only.....The petition to boycott a well-known clothes retailer.

:)Ben O’Keefe, 18, of Florida is taking on the popular clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch. O’Keefe has put together a petition to boycott the retailer until it offers plus-sizes to its consumers. Chief Executive Officer Mike Jeffries said, “That’s why we hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other...Read More »

Mother's Day, Are You Ready?

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, whether you celebrate May 10th(hispanic observed holiday), or May 12th(second sunday of the month of May), many have the same dilemma… What do you get Mom for Mother’s Day? A recent survey by the Western Union Company found that while sons and daughters of all...Read More »

Facebook Much?? How hooked are you?

New study by the University of Gothenberg reveals that 85% of Facebook users log onto the site on a daily basis. 26% of these people feel ‘uneasy’ if they don’t log in regularly. The study also revealed that: - women spend an average of 81 minutes per day on Facebook - men spend...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic... Happy Hump Day!

:)Mercy is in the studio today and ready to answer your questions. Call in/Email your questions: (915)541-1043 or Right in with your questions, and horoscopes for those involved. Tune in every Wednesday for Mercy.   LL ...Read More »

He wants his ring back... Would you return it?

Our listener rights in and asks if she’s in the right for wanting to keep her engagement ring. They broke up and he is asking for it back, she feels like he’s just going to sell it, she wants to keep it because she has become attached to it. Should she...Read More »

School's out for the summer!!! Tune in now! Laura Rayborn in the studio...

:)Tune in to HitFm 104.3, Laura Rayborn is in the studio, talking about the newest Thursday club night at Lotus Night club. Details at Register on FB for your chance to win $5 for every person 21 and over, first 1043 people will walk away with cash money. Another night out, another...Read More »

Cinco de Mayo Weekend... Plan ahead

There’s a lot going on this weekend due to the Cinco de Mayo holiday: In sports make sure you tune for the Mayweather vs. Guerrero fight on ShoTime More NBA playoff action: check your local TV listings for the latest info and last but not least: The Cinco De Mayo Festival!!!! 104.3 HitFm, El...Read More »

Watch what you spend at the carnival... It could cost you your life savings!

:)I’m sure you’ve seen the carnivals start popping up all over town, and if you’ve been to one lately, you also know that it can get pretty pricey quick. The game booths, the food, and of course the tickets to ride the rides. Well, in New Hampshire man who thought he had a...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic, Wednesday fun!

:)Mercy will be in the studio this morning, make sure you get your questions in early. Have your questions ready, and your horoscope and horoscopes of those involved. Don’t be shy! Online/email In the studio: 915-541-1043 LL ...Read More »

Celebrities did what? Before reaching stardom....

:)We’ve all had start up jobs: Fast food restaurants, retail stores, customer service, etc, not our dream jobs but they paid the bills. Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities did before becoming famous. Kanye West started out in customer service at the Gap. Madonna landed in New York City in the late 1970s,...Read More »

Something to think about next time you consider buying a new car.

So when you buy a car in the United States there is a pesky fee you pay at the dealership for your new car: tax, title, and license. 1) Tiltle Transfer – This is a fee for the actual title work. 2) Sales Tax – Based on where you purchased the vehicle...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash! Every Saturday 6-10 am.

:)If you missed something this week on the Morning Mash, make sure you tune in to the Best of the Morning Mash. Mercy the Mexican Psychic Sports Topics Interviews with: Cheech and Chong, Eric Prydz,  and Al Madrigal. Lady Lesliee hosts.   LL ...Read More »

Sorry... Wrong Number!!! Hope Solo accidentally tweets her phone number.

Ever asked for the number of the opposite sex at a bar or club? You go how and you call the number, but… you discover it’s the wrong number. Heartbreaking, we know! Well, American soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo claims to have jokingly tweeted her phone number to her 666,000 plus followers....Read More »

What would you do? Delete your Facebook or Give up your Facebook password!

Bad news, Facebook users. U.S. employers may soon be able to require employees to fork over their social media passwords. If CISPA were to become law it would grant businesses and the government an unprecedented ability to share data without the need to consider anti-trust or classification laws. Hacked businesses would...Read More »

Mercy Wednesdays: The Mexican Psychic is in the building!

:)Wednesdays mean Mercy the Mexican Psychic is visiting. You can get your questions in at (915)541-1043 or Curious what the future holds for you: One listener asks:       My daughter is 13weeks pregnant. She’s is 17yrs old and an Aquarius. Can you tell what she’s having? Tune in to find out what she says… Happy Wednesday! LL...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash: Every Saturday from 6-10 am.

:)Happy Saturday!! An exciting weekend in the news and sports and we look forward to giving you the latest information in the upcoming days. In the mean time, if you missed something on the Morning Mash, we have you covered. Tune in Lady Lesliee hosts; The Best of the Morning Mash. Sunny skies...Read More »

Boston Up to Date Information

We’re keeping everyone up to date with all the latest news of the situation in Boston. We’re following the feed here: Most of Boston is on virtual lockdown as authorities hunt surviving marathon bombing suspect, schools, business, and citizens are asked to stay home. All transportation systems in Boston and the surrounding areas...Read More »

Mercy Wednesday: Our Mexican Psychic is in LIVE!

:)  Questions for Mercy, she will be in the studio from 8:30 – 9:30. On the hit lines: 915-541-1043 ; Online/email at: Questions on life in general: Hi, I am a Cancer 7/11/68.  I need more living space.  My question:  do you see me moving into a house or apartment the next couple...Read More »

Can Money Buy Happiness?

:)  Listener writes in and says : My friend lives a good life: cars, clothes, purses, shoes, you name it she has it, but I can’t help but wonder if she’s really happy. Her husband is never home due to work, and she seeks happiness in “random hookups.” Can Money Buy Happiness? What can...Read More »

My husband will not add me to his social media networks!! Thursday Topic

Listener writes in and says her and her husband went through a separation and recently they reconciled and they are back together. During the separation she removed him from all her social media, now that they are together again, he wont add her back.   Is he hiding something?   Thoughts?   LL <3 ...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic; Listen LIVE!

:)Mercy is in the studio, have your horoscopes and questions ready. Ashley asks: I’m sagittarious and he is an Aquarius .. Will we get married and have children one day .? Tune in and find out what she says to Ashley. In the studio: 915-541-1043 Online/Blog/Email: LL ...Read More »

Tuesday Topic: Plan B no longer restricted to age...

:)Teens under 17 will soon have access to emergency contraception over the counter, a federal judge today ordered the Food and Drug Administration to allow emergency contraception, such as Plan B, to be sold over-the-counter. Currently, women under 17 need a prescription to purchase emergency contraception. Although women 17 and older don’t...Read More »

In Guest Studio: Laura Rayborn for Miss El Paso and Miss El Paso Teen Pageant

Miss El Paso and Miss El Paso Teen: Miss El Paso & Miss El Paso Teen Pageant will be held June 21 & 22 at the Magoffin Auditorium on the UTEP Campus. We will be having 4 Informative Meetings which will be held at the Budweiser Building-6949 Market St. April 13- 12:00pm If you are...Read More »

El Paso lacks in fashion sense?

:)Recent list shows El Paso is lacking in the fashion department. According to MovotoBlog, El Paso ranks #3 on the list, the results are based on: High-end clothing stores per capita High-end jewelry stores per capita High-end shoe stores per capita Tailors and shops offering alterations—because looking good is as much about your clothes...Read More »

Thursday Topic: Drinking and Driving, who's responsible when an accident occurs?

:)Listener is asking if their friend is in the right. The listeners friend was hit by a drunk driver and she is now suing the drunk driver, but she is also going after the establishment where the drunk driver spent their evening. Our listener does not believe the establishment should be sued,...Read More »

Mercy Time: It's Wednesday and the Psychic is in the building.

:)Mercy is answering your questions, have your horoscope sign ready. In the studio 915-541-1043 Online/email   LL ...Read More »

"It Takes a Community," Child Crisis Center of El Paso visits the HitFm Studios.

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso’s (CCCEP) main program is the Circle of Love Nursery and Children’s Shelter, which provides 24/7 emergency shelter for up to 31 children, ages newborn through 13 years for families experiencing a crisis (may include critical need for parental stress relief, parent/sibling hospitalization, an incarcerated parent, a parent being admitted into...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash! Every Saturday 6-10 am.

:)Miss something this week during the Morning Mash? We have you covered, Lady Lesliee hosts the Best of the Morning Mash, every Saturday 6-10 am. Carmen Calls Sports Topics and local and celebrity news.   LL Happy Easter!! ...Read More »

Good Friday!!!! The Weekend is here!!!

:)Extra long weekends are always good!!! Let the Mash know what you’re looking forward to this weekend. Kicking of the Morning Mash with the wake up mix Dj Javi!!! Woot Woot!! Happy Friday!   LL ...Read More »

Mercy Wednesday! Mercy the Mexican Psychic

:)Anything fishy going on in your life? Work stressing you out? Love life on the rocks? Ask Mercy your questions… Make sure you have your horoscopes ready. In the HitFM studios (915)541-1043 Online @: LL ...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash, Miss something while you where on Spring Break?

Out for spring break and missed the Morning Mash. We have you covered with the Best of the Morning Mash, every Saturday 6 am- 10 am. Carmen Calls Mercy the Mexican Psychic Topics Laughs and more…   ...Read More »

Mercy Time... First Spring Readings..

:)Mercy is LIVE…. Have a question about your love life? Work getting difficult? Money issues on the rise? She knows it all! On the phone: 915-541-1043 Online/Email: HitFM LL ...Read More »

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Playtime for the all... Thursday's Topic

Erika says her husband needs to grow up, he’s in his mid-30′s and collects toys and comic books. Recently, she threw out some of the older comics and toys, and he hasn’t spoken to her since. Should he be able to keep them? Or is she right he needs to grow up...Read More »

Mercy the Mexican Psychic... Happy HumpDay!!

:)Having problems at work? Love? or In life? Call in to Mercy and she will answer all your questions. Have your horoscopes ready. Things are about to get scandalous… 915-541-1043 or HitFM radio   LL <3 ...Read More »

The Skinny.. Tuesday Topic

:)Eric writes in and asks if his tough love is too much. My wife just gave birth to our 2nd child, and getting back into shape seems to be the least of her priorities. When she had our 1st child she let me whip her back into shape. I try to...Read More »

Monday’s Topic: Is it cheating?

:)Chris writes in says he found a “toy” in his wives bedside drawer. Chris was under the impression that their sex life was great, now he is having second thoughts about their whole relationship. In the past Chris has suggested bringing “toy” to their sex life and she has always...Read More »

The Best of the Morning Mash, Saturdays 6-10 am.

:)Morning guys!!!!! It’s the best of the Morning Mash, did you miss something this past week? Lady Lesliee hosts the Best of every Saturday 6-10 am. Tune in!! Recap of Mercy the Mexican Psychic, topics, sports, Carmen calls and more….     Good Saturday!!   LL <3   ...Read More »

Thursday Morning Mash Topic: He admitted he’s fantasizing about someone else.

Melissa rights in: (Dear Morning Mash)—On Friday night, my husband shocked me when he confessed he fantasizes about other women when he is with me. I couldn’t believe it. Is he unhappy with our sex life? Does he find our sex boring? It makes me feel so insecure. Some of my...Read More »

It's Mercy Wednesday.... Wooooo!!!

:)Mercy will be doing readings; having trouble in your relationship, questions about your financial future, etc. Call 915-541-1043 write HitFM Radio Online or comment here. Have your horoscopes ready and lets get your questions answered.   LL ...Read More »

Morning Mash Topic... 4 Babies, 2 guys...

Heathers’ sister is married, her husband ran into some trouble and was sent to jail. When that happen the couple had a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. He was always checking up on his kids while he was away. Now that he is out he wants to...Read More »

What would you do? Tuesday Topic...

:)You find a purse/wallet/large amount of cash at a store, do you try and return it or do you keep it? Have you been in this situation before? What did you do?   LL ...Read More »

Monday Morning Mash Topic... Memorials on El Paso Streets.

A recent visitor to the Sun City saw the different memorials on El Paso Streets, and thought that it was “ghetto,”says  isn’t that what cemeteries are for? Memorials are set up where traffic accidents have taken the lives of other drivers. Is it a reminder, is it unnecessary, should the city government get involved?   ...Read More »

Best of Saturdays... Morning Mash 6-10 am

:)Missed something on the Mash this week? Tune in 6am – 10am; Lady Lesliee hosts the best of the Morning Mash. The Morning Mash Monday – Saturdays 6-10 am. :))   LL <3 ...Read More »

Video Games... Significant Others... How do you manage play times...

:)Ladies/Gents Do you have a problem with your significant other playing video games? Do they get lost in the game, or loose track of time. How do you meet them half ways? Do you have rules? Certain times they can play? Days? Explain…   LL <3 ...Read More »

Teen Pregnancy Rates, Highest in New Mexico..

What are your thoughts on todays topic??  93 out of 1,000 teens between the ages of 15 and 19 got pregnant in New Mexico, and State legislators are trying to help teens get maternity leave.   For more info: New Mexico has highest teen pregnancy rate in country   LL   ...Read More »

It's Wednesday.... That Means... Mercy the Mexican Psychic...

:)Mercy is in the studio today… Questions??? Have your horoscopes ready. You can get thru to Mercy at 915-541-1043, and  HitFM online .   Happy Hump Day!!!   LL <3 ...Read More »

News... Local Girl Scout is ripped-off with counterfeit bill.

It’s girl scout cookie season in the borderland. We see the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest set up at local stores fundraising. A box of girl scout cookies is $3.50, a “customer,” paid for his cookies in west El Paso with a counterfeit $100 bill, the girl scout gave the...Read More »

Women's Weekend.. Lady Lesliee's Sports Recap...

So in case you missed the world of sports was taken over and dominated by women. Saturday we saw the Women’s Batamweight Championship on UFC 157. Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey defends and keeps her belt against Liz “Girl-rilla” Carmouche in the main event of UFC 157. Carmouche mounted Rousey’s back, with Rousey standing, in...Read More »

And the Oscar goes to.... 85th Oscars Recap...

:)And the Oscar goes to….. Best Picture: “Argo.” Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln.” Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook.” Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained.” Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, “Les Miserables.” Best Directing: Ang Lee, “Life of Pi.” For more on the awards make sure you check out :  ‘Argo’ Wins Best Picture at...Read More »

Best of the Morning Mash!!! Saturdays 6-10 am!!

:)Did you guys miss something this week on the Morning Mash? Tune in 6-10 am with Lady Lesliee as she recaps what happen during the week. Topics Carmen Calls Morning Mash Quiz Local News Celebrity News and Laughs!!! Catch you guys on Saturday morning. LL <3 ...Read More »

Morning Mash Oscar Predictions.... 85th Academy Awards Sunday, Feb. 24.

:)Oscar will be live this Sunday on ABC starting at 5pm. Why will you be watching? Fashion? The Awards? Your favorite movie is nominated. Here are some of the nominees: Best Picture: Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty Best Actor...Read More »

Morning Mash Topic... Thursday... Children can't behave are asked to leave???

:)Trending in Australia and several states in the US: Proposed rule to allow businesses to ask a family with a “misbehaving kid, kids” to leave the place of business. Do you agree/disagree. Think about this being enforced at the movies, the mall, stores, restaurants.   LL ...Read More »

Morning Mash Topic... Tuesday... Behind Closed Doors!!

Dear (Morning Mash): My 15 year-old daughter and I have been arguing for the past month. She has a new boyfriend and wants ‘alone time’ with him in her bedroom. I’ve told her there is NO way that is happening. She throws the ‘trust’ thing in my face and I tell...Read More »

Morning Mash Topic... Monday....

Manny writes in: I went to a concert with my friends about a month ago, after the concert my friends still wanted to continue the night at a bar, we went but I called the night short and asked my friends to take me home. My girlfriend was waiting for me...Read More »

Saturday!! Best of Morning Mash!!

:)Starting this Saturday, Feb. 16th, 2012 and every Saturday, catch Lady Lesliee and the Best of the Morning Mash. Saturdays 6-10 am..   LL   ...Read More »

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Shout outs!!

In the spirit of friendship and love, let us know who you want to send some V-Day love to and well do your shout outs 6-10 am.   Lets LOVE… LL <3 ...Read More »

It's Mercy Wednesday!!!!

Have a question for Mercy? Work, Love, Life are all upside down… If you can’t get thru on the Hit Lines (915)541-1043 or Send Mercy your questions with horoscope signs for all parties in your question.   LL <3 ...Read More »

Mardi Gras Topic....

:)To Flash or not Flash? Our listener writes in and asks: My husband got me a boob job last year, we were both very happy with the results. We had previously discussed how fun and different Mardi Gras will be this year. Now he’s telling me that I better not even think...Read More »

Morning Mash Topic - Has Your Significant Other Ruined Your Celebrity Crush? Who? How?

:)Has your significant other ruined your celebrity crush?   Who was? How did they ruin it? Share?   LL ...Read More »

Grammys Recap...

:)Los Angeles — Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013. A star studded evening, full of high energy perfomances, and acceptance speeches, its hard to pick the best Grammy moment, so here is what happen in case you missed it.   Notable Winners Record of the Year: Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know Album...Read More »

Morning Mash Re-Cap

Just in case you missed today’s show here’s a little re-cap. Movies out today   According to Snooki, Lindsay Lohan ‘Made Out’ With DJ Pauly D? WHAT? Check out the details on the link.       ...Read More »

Happy 3 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it has already been 3 years that The Morning Mash with Johnny Kage and DJ Javi has been on! Thank you for putting up with us during your Morning Drive! This morning we talked about a prank that we did back 2010 making everyone believe that Kim...Read More »

  • Dianna Avena

    This question is for Javi me and my friends always go to 101 on Fridays cuz we love the screen out there plus l kilI it all the time. We heard there changing DJs now, are u still gonna be there any more and if not r u going be some where else so we can go there. You guys r great u guys are the only station that plays great edm and has the latest stuff DJ Javi and Johnny u guys do a great job thanks.

  • Jennifer lubo

    It’s not even the little girls that are old enough to be playing with barbies that are complaining, they have no clue what fat or skinny is they just play with the barbies. My niece is 4 and she’s a little more on the chubby side and never once has she said “oh no how come I’m not skinny like Barbie.” Or my 3 year old sister who is skinnier isn’t saying things to my niece cause she’s bigger, their not focused on that. They play with barbies to have fun and watch movies to entertain not to criticize like the rest of society. I think this girl is just so insecure with herself she wants to bring everyone down to her level. I’m plus size also and healthy but I’m confident and know that if I decided a plastic doll was prettier than me then I could do something about myself not about the doll.

  • Cindy Davalos

    It’s not Disney’s responsibility to show your child self esteem. It is the parents responsibility to let their children know the difference between real life and “Disney” and that being different is ok. Society has changed so much that being different is no longer accepted and that is not Disney’s or any other Role models fault it’s how we are raised. WE should show our kids that we are all different and that life is about having a good education and working hard while being humble. C’mon what Disney movie have you seen that a princess has a Job or gets an education? because it’s not real!!! It’s entertainment!!!

  • Dianavaz19

    Hola, soy cáncer tengo 18 años y mi novio es virgo tiene 24 años, quisiera saber si vamos a durar?

  • sexy

    You guys we’re talking about lent. My opinion is that I don’t think its fair that people give up eating meat only on Fridays. God gave his only son so we can be forgiven. Why not give up something you do everyday. Watch TV for couch potatoes, showers for clean persons,eating for the 3 days. Bad language. Think about… By the way Johnny your HOT!!!!

  • Laura Zavala

    Good morning you two! I was listening to your discussion on the FB incidents of it being hacked. You might remember a while back there was a game going on that had to do with a giraffe; if you got the answer wrong, you’d have to change your profile pic. So its kinda like that. I know because I just fell for it. You comment on what they said and your it. It’s your turn to choose whats on the list to post on FB. Btw…I haven’t yet.
    Lori Z.

    Thnx for a great morning show. . .each and every day. You guys are AWSOME!